-------------- Welcome to my digital Playground -------------

This section will probably be changing frequently, so if your a person who needs stability in their life, you won't get it here :) Anyways, here are some samples of my work and play. Some of them are thumbnails linked to other pages, and some are not. If a sample isn't linked, by all means if you would like to see the larger work drop me an e-mail and I'll send it over to you.

3d fun!
<< Integrated Digital Media Institute Website

My latest project, using Macromedia Director. The concept is a 3d visual representation of the digital media program at Polytechnic University. Fully interactive and completley wholly made by me.
Benchmark Computer Solutions >>

Website commissioned for Jack Cohen, summer 02
My Sandbox
<< Poly study abroad in asia site

Webmaster graphic designer, yea its all mine.
Interdisciplinary Physics - Flash/Actionscript final >>

A revision of the other page (in the linked url take away layout.html) using actionscript and flash for the networked nodes at the top.
My Sandbox
<< Interdisciplinary Physics - Flash/Actionscript versions

Versions of the physics animation for the above page. All math is done on the fly with flash and actionscript, the math being provided by J.Tarbell
Area33.com - the 1st generation >>

Originally I made area33 for a scholarship contest that BMG sponsors senior yr in HS. It won first place, and because they asked to keep it, so future contestants have some reference for their own work, it's still existing today.
prehistoric area33
<< Techno-influenced web page

A design concept for the rave section of area33, but it lost to the fetus up there. Phear my glowsticks of wrath.
Art Deco-y Influenced web page >>

Similarly to the losing rave concept, this design was a concept for the section of area33 that your in RIGHT NOW! But now I got Marvin-the-fetus up there, and all previous concepts in here. That ballerina has cute facial hair.
Wow she's flexible
Aromatherapy woohoo!
<< Sky Sauna

A web page made for a relatives business. It's an all male sauna in greenwich village, need a massage? Check them out, my uncle works there too.
Digi-pixel web page >>

The concept for the friends section of area33 that was retired so Marvin (the fetus) could have his chance at fame.
My Sandbox
Ajay and Walter rock!
<< eRSVP.com - Online Event Planning

This was my place of employment from early '98 through till end of '00. Ajay and Walter are two of the world's best bosses in my book, and I am eternally grateful to everything they've given to me. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be where I am today (and area33 definitely wouldn't be where it is today, since they host it for me!)