-------------- Welcome to my digital Playground -------------

Some 3d art for your scrutinizing pleasure. Still more coming...

Golden Sunset on the Beach>>

Some 3d work used in the sky sauna web page.
How peaceful...
Maaan F@(% you!
<< Evil NYC Cab Driving Kermit

Wouldn't want him driving you home from a crazy night of bar hopping, now would you??
Mannequin Study >>

A page of different poses for this bluish purply mannequin.
Om Nama Shivia
Wanna suck?
<< Nipple

A pacifier I modeled to spin around for the rave link on the splash page of area33.
Magic Castles >>

Inspired by my little sister and her snow globe, this is a pretty castle with some crystals n stuff.
Where'd the unicorn go?