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Collage samples, collaborations of illustrator, photoshop, and Jeanne

Polytech Liberal Arts Splash Concept >>

It's a flash clip, oh yes it is! Something I mooshed together for a class, I dunno if they were diggin' me on this one tho.
I'm an everyday junglist
I want [to kill] my MTV!
<< MTV Letter Of Intent

Before MTV decided to take me on, they asked me to submit a procedural letter of intent. I submitted a 1 minute length avi movie, animating the letter. If I can get the avi's file size down a whole bunch I'll stick the avi up here for you you check out, but for now a still will have to do.
Ignite Promotion Flyer >>

This was a print flyer I did for a friend's promotion group. I've done a couple flyers for them, but this is the only one I could find on my harddrive. If I find some more, I'll let you take a guess at what I'm going to do with them!!
I'm an everyday junglist
Paul Rand
<< Paul Rand

A graphic done for JW604. I did a research project on Paul Rand, who was a very highly esteemed graphic design pioneer, and had major impact on the formation of the standards of current graphic design.
Entertainment Weekly Imitation >>

Another JW604 Project. Here we were supposed to find a magazine cover we found to be unattractive, and redo it. Either that or I have a thing for Sarah Michelle.
Cowabunga duude!