-------------- Welcome to my digital Playground -------------

This is some of my 2d work, illustrator and pshop fun!

Naturessence Day Spa >>

This is all my work, from name to logo to tagline. All for print material, including business cards, day spa menu, and company profile.
Girl power!
Graffiti Time!
<< Graf-boy

He looks so malicious with his spray paint! I wonder what he graffed, why don't you find out?
Bubbles >>

Doesn't it look like her? Well I have a couple images I did, of all three power puff girls, but here is just a peek at adorable lil bubbles, she's just so damn cute.
Girl power!
a peice of NYC 2 remember
<< Pencil Drawing

This drawing was a present to my friend Kyle. I know it doesn't look like Manhattan, but its not exactly supposed to. The pic goes a lil deeper than that. Click to view the enlarged version.
Some dude >>

Ha - I don't know, but I dig the shades man.
Cowabunga duude!
Someone get him some ex-lax?!
<< Goat-Crapp

HAHA! Okay I made this image for a friends buddy icon on aim. I hope this doesn't offend anyone - I got love for goats, honest.