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Power Point presentation backdrops

<< Asia Site Concepts Presentation

Justa quick backdrop for a powerpoint presentation for my upcoming study abroad adventure!
Stress Management Presentation >>

Why on earth would I need to give a presentation on stress management at such a serene and peaceful place as polytechic?
EG Fun!
<< Digital Logic Lab

Learning binary coding, how to read dB levels, output frequency v dB levels, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?
Microphone Lab >>

After we had learned all about digital logic and electric circuits, we made mircophones and sang karaoke all night!
Mircophone Lab
Thermal Insulation Lab
<< Thermal Insulation Lab

This lab was a contest to design the best omelette skillet, at the most cost effective price.
Introduction to Engineering Lab >>

You know, the lab where they tell you not to lick leaking batteries, or chew on live wires.
Atom Structure
LabView Galore!
<< LABView Lab

Electric circuit euphoria! We learned how to program circuits through the LABView program.