Math time! My math class is Mr. Sullivan's 5th Period pre-calculus class. I find pre-cal to be a lot easier than the sequentials, maybe its just because I'm awake in my math class now . Mr. Sullivan is a awesome guy too, teacher by day and hardcore punk star by night. My classmates are a little rowdy and loud in this class, but Mr. Sullivan handles it pretty well. By wit and patients Mr. Sullivan survives another day.
   I really enjoy learning math. "Numbers is the universal language" as my boss would say, or "Math is like mental gymnastics" as my dad would say (My boss and my father are the two math geniuses in my life). I definitely agree with them. In life, we encounter problems, and it is our responsibility to figure out how to solve them, and the more ways you are conditioned to approach it, the better your odds at finding the most efficient way of solving it. If you limit yourself to only recognizing certain variables, you'll probably run into problems figuring out the problem, which would be a real problem *joke*. Although math class is not self help class, it does train your brain to recognize and approach complex problems.
   I also appreciate lessons in math because, besides design, I also do computer programming. Without math, I don't think I'd be a very good programmer considering computer languages are all mathematically based! So all in all, without math, I'd probably be a lot less educated than I am now.

   p.s - If your reading this Mr. Sullivan, all I have to say is, since you-know-who is left handed, what are your feelings about the whole 2nd grader syndrome? (You know, where a boy and girl hate each other because they really... LOL you get it) *jk* I'm sure they have to be more than left handed. *grin*

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