Welcome to my History class, Mr. Ackerman's 6th period to be exact. History is a great course, and our class is lucky enough to have a great teacher too. Mr. Ackerman is one of those teachers who's not only a mentor, but a friend as well. He communicates to the class on a student level, which I admire because most teachers sound like they sat at home and memorized a textbook, and expect students to memorize the textbook as well. Mr. Ackerman is young, so he still remembers where his students are coming from. I just hope, for the sake of all his future students that he never forgets, and stays the same great teacher.
    Personally, I enjoy learning history because I find something very tantilizing about discovering America's past trials and tribulations. In today's modern society, we don't sugar coat or repress the truth about the governmental errors of the past. Now, we learn from them, hopefully to train ourselves not to make the same mistakes, and to help move our country into the 21st century.
    I dont believe there are enough young people involved with politics. You can bet your life that I'll be registered and voting as soon as I turn 18! Since most of our country's politicians are 45+ in age, their concern with education only goes so far as making sure that we get one. Take a look at college tuition, and if you're like me, your eyeballs will pop out of your head. It seems to me as though colleges are more interested in the student's money rather than the student's education. There are, of course, other issues in politics besides college I am concerned with, but seeing as though I'm headed to college next fall, financial aid is currently my main priority. It is for these types of reasons that history interests me. I appreciate learning America's past, so that I may participate in directing America future.
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