When I was 11 years old, I heard an ad on the radio for internet service and immediately made my dad call them up and sign us up. With a 486 computer and a 2400 baud modem, I had taken my first steps into the world of "cyberspace". Soon after I learned how to maneuver in my nifty shell account, I discovered IRC (internet relay chat) and designated my home channel as #Teenbeach. After making a number of IRC friends, I wanted to make a homepage that would feature my fellow #Teenbeachers and myself. So being that this was long before the era of FrontPage or Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor out there, with my IRC friend as my guide, I created my very first homepage right into my shell account.

By age of 15 I discovered Adobe's Photoshop (thank goodness!) and started playing with images and turning them into computer graphics. I really liked creating graphics and decided to download a bunch of software to play with. I'd have to say Bryce 3D, Xara 3D, Ulead 3D, Illustrator, and Photoshop have been the best software I encountered and are the ones I have (of course) stuck with. I then designed my next website which was generally a brief overview of the HTML, javascript and graphic skills I had acquired. Sometimes friends would ask me to design flyers, which I was more than happy to do.

One day, two summers ago, I got and e-mail from a Ms. Isabel Walcott of SmartGirl Internette. She was looking for young girl interns to work for her and become a part of the SmartGirl family. Seeing as I had already thought about getting my first computer internship, I happily accepted the offer and started to work at my first computer job.

The following spring (or last spring) I felt that I had built enough under my belt to try to land myself a junior web designer job. It was hard to leave such a fun closely kit bunch of girls, but I submitted resumes, interviewed, and landed my first junior web designer job at Web Design House where I still am. Some samples of pages I've programmed and/or designed are below.

I really love designing graphics and building web pages, to me, its more play than work. It gives me a chance to incorporate my computer programming knowledge with my artistic abilities. It's a tangled web out there, but I'm sure glad I fell into it.

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