I used to dream of being an actress, but that goal has been put on the back burner since I've had more important things to concentrate on. I've performed in a number of plays in my life, the only one I have a picture of (actually its a newspaper clipping) is from spring of 1998 where I played a role in a Queensboro Community College play. I live right near the college, and I was walking home from school one day and passed a sign that had audition information. Since I had just moved to Queens, I figured 'what the heck' and tried out. The play turned out great and I really enjoyed performing. Sometime in the future I would like to pick up acting again, I enjoy the performing arts, they're a fun constructive way of passing time.

I also like writing poetry, I'm going to post one of my older poems here. They may not be shakespeare, but I find they are a positive way of channeling my thoughts. I don't write poetry very often, I really have to be in the mood for it, but when I do write, it comes right from my heart.
A Christmas Wish

While other faces are a-glow,
  While other hearts are free and light,
I am sitting all alone,
  In the darkness of the night.

Without an Christmas cheer,
  Without any holiday joy,
While others decorate and celebrate,
  With presents for each little girl and boy.

No present shall you see
  Underneath my Christmas tree.
The non existant symbol of faith,
  Died for me beneath heavens gate.

I bring no tidings; I bear no love
  Not a snowflake or a dove,
No star upon the tops of pine,
  No carols and no Christmas chime.

Looking at others families,   Seeing faces merry and warm,
Sharing their thoughtful gifts of love,
  Is what makes my heart so torn.

Forgotten in the snowdrift of light,
  A pawn among the longest plane,
A shadow in the misdt of night,
  None of which to share my claim.

My wish for the holiday's is this:
  That I may have a chance to be,
and live among the love and bliss
  of belonging in a family.
  -Jeanne Angel 1998

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