Jeanne Angel - December, 2001

So you would like some information about me?
Perhaps a little contact information would suffice :
j_angel33 -- [at] -- <-- That will get mail to me.
(Please don't send me stuff trying to break my machine, sell your product, harm myself or my loved ones, or anything that will cast aura's of bad luck upon me if I don't re-send your mail to my 10 next of kin - My patience for that stuff is minimal)

To take a more friendly approach, I'll divulge to you some personal information about myself. Last I checked I was a female ~ living in NYC ~ attending college ~ and existing in the prime of my life (or so they say). Although I haven't the self confidence to call myself an artist yet, I attest that I'm at least attempting to discover the artist within me. My main interests in life, thus far, are thinking, writing, creating, conceptualizing, contemplating, loving, laughing... Okay, there are too many things I enjoy about life to sit here naming them all. Lets just say I like to live Carpe Diem. I'm a firm believer, practitioner, and advocator of mysticism and spirituality, although I don't have any particular title to what I believe, as I take and make my beliefs as I go on. So far it seems an incorporation of eastern philosophies (Buddhism, Zen, Shintoism, meditation, Chi) and old Gaelic/Celtic/native American magic (wicca, shamanism, you get the picture) - So go ahead, ask me for a tarot reading sometime, or tell me about a perplexing dream, I'd be glad to help ;P Although you'd be just as good at telling your fortune, deciphering your dreams, living in the interconnected subconscious of the universe -- if you believed in it. It's always there, it's you after all!

Elsewise I'm also a highly active person, being a natural Aries. Breaking into Public stadiums, four star Manhattan hotels, confiscating dept. of transportation signs -- essentially any mischief I can get myself into. What can I say, I haven't quite grown out of pushing the limits yet - mostly because I don't like getting bored - it causes my mind to wander in undesired directions, subjegating me to over-analytical self critisim, or contimplation over circumstances or situations that I feel a lack of closure in (haha I worded 'dwelling on the past' pretty well, don't you think?) - and unfortunatley there is a massive ball of that stuff floating in my head. So entertainment is my forte, or atleast I appreciate activity more than the average person.

I also have two absolutely awesome sisters, who mean the world to me. These beautiful women-in-the-making are Diana, who is 10, and Jess, who is 17. I am extremely thankful for my sisters, because ultimately they are the only real family I have, and I would do anything for them. Unfortunately, Diana lives in California, and Jess is soon being shipped off into the army for three years (So help me, if you come back brainwashed) -- Regardless, someday the three of us will make our own family *hope*

I'd also like to mention something that I am becoming more and more thankful for as my college career is progressing. Which would be the awesome professors and advisors who have put so much time into listening to me babble, and put up with so much of my shit, and have been nothing short of inspirational. My first semester at poly is one I'll never forget, and I had every intention on running as fast as I could to an equally respectable, yet less malevolent institution, but somehow (thankfully) I've worked my way into an absolutely amazing program. I am learning about all the things I've been thirsting to learn about, and from some of the most intelligent people I've ever had the opportunity of being exposed to. (not to mention one specifically who I've grown a deep respect and admiration for - I wonder if those brain swapping machines really work... nah hahahahaha I couldn't do that to him!!) But seriously, the faculty that I am perpetually interacting with at poly has been wonderfully stimulating and inspirational to me, and I appreciate everything they have done for me, immensely.

Okay - but I strayed away from the point of this page, ME! (haha its nice to have a place to say that in, and who knows who might read it - although if you've read this far I'm already ecstatically flattered to begin with) But I fear I've gone on long enough, with any luck I'll be adding tidbits every now and then. With all that said - Life is anything and everything and while your here do everything you can to get as much out of it as you can, because someday - like it or not (and I am not at all pessimistic about it) we're all gunna kick the can (excuse the informality of my language) PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT (oh and sugar too - cos man that stuff is good)

-- Jeanne Angel © 2001