Cindy [AKA Cinderella the crakhed]
Oh dear, now how about do I go explaining Cindy? Hrmm, haha. Well the simple version of it, sounds something like - this is my oldest and best friend. I've known her since the 5th grade, and we've been through so much together, its insanity I tell you.

She's also a crakhead - dont let anyone attempt to convince you otherwise. She doesn't do much other than make herself happy, as well as never failing to astound the rest of us, but thats what we love about her. She is also very lazy (that was for your own good) she is also very horny and I MEAN IT!! She also smokes too much! On top of all that she is a loyal lovable and amusing (not to mention cute as hell). Although she has a tendency to be annoyingly spiteful sometimes. I definitely owe my life to this girl, but she owes me hers too! (oh yes, I fell asleep twice!! Hehe, ok I wont get into it)

In the end, Cin never fails to rock in her own little Cindy way. I can't wait to see who has to start wearing depends first. (I bet its her! mwahaha)

Mr. Bill [ooh noo!]

Little Nubby, guess what? Bill sucks! (oh yes you do) But other than that, bill is my best friend, and occupies a nice cozy warm spot in my world. I've known him for many moons, and my how hes grown! (Are you blushing yet?) Bill is a full blooded Aquarius - and I know he's making a face of disapproval as I make that statement. I consider him a straightedge realist, who calls it like he sees it. I love bill because he always listens to my incoherent babbling no matter what the topic (even if there are some topics he just refuses to give any input on) He's also a class-a wiseass with an incomparable sense of humor.

One day I hope Bill realizes that - even though he thinks he "knows what it's all about" (after all - you've seen it all.. Haven't you?) that he still hasn't lived it all. Rationalizing? Fine. Contemplating? Sure. Perceiving? Maybe. Experiencing? I don't think so. I hope he doesn't condemn himself to living vicariously through the world around him. Sometimes you just gotta take the plunge into uncharted waters. (hehe go ahead Bill, I dare you ;P)

I know Bill will be happy with the life he makes for himself eventually, mostly due to the fact that he propagates for the more simplistic ideals in life. Although ironically enough, his energy gravitates towards the more complex (assuredly not by choice - lol do you like my analysis doctor?) Well enough explanations of Bill's enigma. (I'm afraid I'm getting far too deep) But he knows I'll always be there to defend, support, motivate, and care for him. (I could go on, but do you really want me to?)

Jelly [jelly jam...]

Jelly is someone I miss a lot... No matter how many confusing, complicated, sometimes funny, yet always realistic, paradoxes of life we would run into, we were always able to formulate a most intelligible explanation for it's existence in our lives. And her mom's lentil pasta will satisfy even the most picky palette! *YuMMM*

I know when I look up and am awestruck by the beautiful serenity of the glowing moon hung among the scattered stars, that she sees the same awesomeness I do. There isn't any logical (or illogical for that matter) aspect of creation, manifestation, corruption, evolution, emotion etc. that me and my Jelly couldn't talk about. She is also one of the most attractive females, from the in and out, that I have the pleasure of knowing.

I am hoping one day that me and the females I've been separated from will come back together, to once again conduct the uplifting energy we once did. But everyone grows up, and older, and I guess you just accept it when those you care about head in other directions. I do miss them a lot though, and I think about them frequently. Maybe thats my mistake for not being able to put my attachment to them behind me. Ah well, you live and learn right?

Rebecca [100% Scorpio]

First and foremost, becca is a full fledged Scorpio, no doubt about that. She is also another female who I could talk about the world to. She's a very magnetic soul, and understands the depths of the human psyche as well as me and Jelly do. She kind of has a streak of manipulation or selfishness in her (but then again, who doesn't) but I don't get to see or talk to her much anymore. Maybe shes just off looking for herself. Either way I'm sure she'll get what it is shes looking for.

Me and Bec have had some priceless moments together, that are very important to me. She used to be someone I knew I could talk about whatever was going on in my head about, and she'd not only understand, but admit the same odd mental patterns as I was having! We are wonderful at conducting energy together, as long as it's for a good cause.

I am hoping one day that me and the females I've been separated from will come back together, to once again conduct the uplifting energy we once did. But everyone grows up, and older, and I guess you just accept it when those you care about head in other directions. I do miss them a lot though, and I think about them frequently. Maybe thats my mistake for not being able to put my attachment to them behind me. Ah well, you live and learn right?

Darci [My Ivory Princess]
And to complete my female soul companion circle, here is my lil Darci. She is by far the awesomest girl I could have ever hoped to have met at school. We've spent many a night, discussing politics, religion, sex, paradoxes, magic, philosophy, ecology, astrology, and so on. Not to mention she is my ULTIMATE DANCE PARTNER! (We just dont stop!) I love her energy, she is the most adventurous Cancer I know! (but her moon is in Aries ;P) Not to mention one of the most innocently sweet girls I've ever met. And she doesn't litter! And agrees with me about the environment!! OH THANKYOU DARCI, no one ever listens to me about littering.

Me and Darci share a lot of the same emotions and viewpoints on the world, which makes the time we spend together awesome, whether we are hitting up a party, or breaking into the most expensive restaurants in Manhattan! And even more amazing is how our in depth conversations seem to spark and come to life and fill the both of us with such positive energy to share with the rest of the world. We not only uplift eachother, we sky rocket eachother to the stars!! I am so glad to know that - as I was hoping - she is on her way into the world of love, and with a guy that couldn't be more right for her! Darci and Daniel are such a cute couple and I hope they have a long road ahead of them.

Darci has honestly become one of my best friends ever. And I don't mean best friend just because she and I are close. She is one of my most prized friends because of the purity and good intention I can see in her heart. Her soul radiates love from every angle, and she has been such a wonderful friend to me. I am hoping with all my heart I never lose sight of this girl, although even if I did, I know I'll see her again on the other side of the rainbow.

Stacey [My lil Burnout]
Oooh, I miss Stacey very much. Stacey was my lifesaver in High School. No matter how hard I'd push people away (if you were me you would understand why I did such a thing) she never gave up on me. And by senior year, we were inseparable. We've had so much fun together! Shea Stadium, Central Park, the sea wall, richmond park, Chris's apt, my dad's house, oh so many times of good *CLEAN* fun haha!

Then Stacey had to move to PA, where she is now. But that doesn't mean we've lost touch at all. I still talk to her almost everyday and look forward to her phonecalls, even though they are almost always about her poor excuse of a boyfriend. Sorry babe, I had to say it. But Stacey is coming back one day... I hope, I love her to pieces, she is the most affectionate girl you could ever dream of having around, not to mention a crapload of fun!

Danny [Lil' Dude]
Ah, hehe little Danielson. Amazingly enough, he is one of the only guys I have found that can get as philosophical and metaphysical as me and the girls can. Not to mention that I've found someone I can talk computer and design to, and actually be understood, as well as inspired, as well as provide motivation! Although recently I've not been able to spend as much time with him as I used to, I still think about him, and sure enough when I get back in queens hes always online for me to chat and catch up with. Sometimes I believe I have this weird connection to Danny's family. I never met such a cool family as theirs, and I'm very envious. Good Brazilian blood (and damn proud of it!) not to mention that they all exudes this mystic quality about them, which is quite fascinating. Hes also an amazing artist, in both computer stuff and traditional art. His 3D work is incredible!

I hope Danny doesn't fall from my circle, because I care about him a lot, and we make a great design team together! Not to mention he's very perceptive about the world around him, which I admire. Even if sometimes he is too much of a realist. Keep up the good work Danny and you'll get there.

Daniel [Or some shit]
Daniel is someone fairly new to my inner circle, but I am glad to have him there! He is a tru blue Leo at heart, and is one of the coolest guys I have the opportunity of knowing! I met him through Danny and we've become really good friends in a short time. Perhaps its all the insane adventures we've sought out and conquered with victory!! (Oh my god my heart was pounding out of my chest at shea!!)

Hes also courting my lil Darci, and I don't think I could have conceptualized a better pair. I don't know two better people deserving of the best love has to offer. Luckily enough, they also both possess the best love has to offer! Daniel is deeply spiritual (and I LOVE THAT!) feircly loyal, strong, adventurous, not to mention incredibly hot! Hes also got the discipline of a marine, and a passion for life that I haven't found in many people. Strangley enough, we're a lot alike in many ways, which is really cool cos I haven't met many people who just 'got me' like he has. Hes 100% awesome in my book, now if only he'd stop pimping me out to his relatives =P

Marat [sigh]
Me and Marat have had some awesome moments together, and although I don't talk to him anymore, I'll always remember how cool we once were. Ski trips, hotel rooms, the gardens (Antons bday was seriously funny) Lambda parties, fucked up dogs, sleep overs, gazing at the moon talking about life, helping eachother with homework, eating weird shit at odd hours, etc. As well as many awesome theory conversations in car rides home. But people come and go for a reason, and I'm slowly learning to accept it graciously when they go. No matter how much it may hurt.

Raffiiiii! [Passed out yet?]
Raffi is one of the first people I started hanging out with in the dorms, and who I live with now and he totally kicks a$$!! Raffi amazes me because of how laid back, easy going, and hilarious he is while maintaining his depth of character and intelligence! I will never forget my little Halloween pup! I absolutely love Raffi, hes a goofy, go-with-the-flow, ball of 24/7 fun. As well as a good friend to talk to. Somehow I am hoping Raffi makes it through poly with me, because I would miss him so much if he left! But Raffi, no more 4am drumming on the 13th floor!! And clean up my sheets!!!! Hahaha Raffi you rock.

Lorenzo Ostrofsky [Lonz, BigNose, Lonny]
Lonny is the one of the most perfectly magical, and beautiful from the inside out, souls I've ever met. He was there for me at such critical points in my past, as I was there for him. He is the very first person I ever had a seriously deep theoretical philosophical conversations with, and he helped open my eyes and let me plunge into the depths of his. Lonny was the most evolved spirit I ever had a chance to spend time with. I miss him so much, and there isnt a day that hasn't gone by that I don't think of him. Sunrises and sunsets at the bluff, car rides, city visits, his voice, his hugs, long talks, are a few of the things I miss most about Lonny.

I know it sounds weird, but a part of him will be with me until the day I am able to be face to face with him again. He was able to touch the soul of anyone, if he so desired. If not by his incomparable wiseass jokes, his perfect charm, or his brilliant imagination, then by the bottomless depths of his soul. I have never met anyone who has come close to the enigma contained in his soul, I love him so much (but its ok.. I talk to him all the time,) I don't know who I'd be without him in my life, and I will never forget him. He is as alive in my heart as he is in the hearts of the others who loved him so much. I wish I still hung out with Kristen and Bob and Jamie, and I know that Lonny holds an unsurpable place in their hearts, as well as they in his. What I wouldn't give to see him again this lifetime.. I hope he will wait for us to catch up with him.

Jenna [Soul sis 101]
This is my beautiful celestial sister. I met this girl when I was 16 years old and she totally took care of me the whole first summer I met her. I was at her house literally every day, and I really miss that. Jenna is creative, very intelligent, talented, devoted, caring, sweet, charismatic, and mystical. Although she has some deep currents of insecurity and self doubt (but don't we all) as well as she isnt exactly what I'd call the *cleanest* person in the world *wink* (that was for your own good ;P)

She's also an AWESOME DJ!! I watched her turntables go from collecting dust, to busting out crazy mixes, and I am so damn proud of her!! I've watched the root spread into a sturdy foundation and bloom with a type of passion I haven't seen matched easily elsewhere. Hopefully Jenna and I will travel through the stars together, watching out for eachother and supporting eachother when we need that little bit of extra female energy. Hehe I'm her little Bean =D

Christopher [Toe!]
Ok, well granted he's my ex, but thats okay, even though we don't talk much anymore I still consider him a good friend. This boy has enough dirt on me to plant a farm. Hes one of the first people I became good friends with when I moved to the city, and was my raving partner for a very long time. He may be shy at first but once your inside his heart, there is no need to worry about getting the boot. Hes has grown up in so many ways since I first met him, hes now (usually) one of the most sweet and affectionate guys I've ever met, with a heart for true loyalty.

He's also a complete Capricorn. Slow and steady is his motto. I really hope Chris find what hes looking for in life, because he has a heart of gold and a brain to match. I just wish he'd stop hanging out with all those brainless superficial people, cos he has this ability to adapt to whatever crowd hes around. But oh well, you can't win em' all.

Aaron [you are so burnt hehe]
Aaron rocks. There isn't much other way to describe it. Hes sweet, very hunky (haha), a complete ditz, and cool as shit. Hes a Gemini, and thats so cool, cos hes got a twin brother Matt! (Who is also cool as shit, although sometimes a LITTLE TOO CRAZY) The only thing that worries me about Aaron is his double life as a loan shark, and all those WEIRD sexual confrontations he gets himself into. Be good Aaron, no more blessing people's medication, and take that gross icon off you AIM!

Long Island Crew
Here is a shout out to all those awesome balls of fun that I love to hangout with when I'm out on Long Island:

Ethan, John, Katie, Jamie, Michelle, Allison, Kristen, Timmy, Sean, Brian, Victor, Lil Melissa, Dave & Melissa, Bobby, Elyse, G and Bill, Genie, and those punks from Smithtown *wink*

And then a hi to all those people who once were very important to me, but somehow I've lost touch with, Nikki, Rainy, Nadine, Elena, Dix Hills crew, Matt, Mike, Pappason, Monica, Zach, Jamie, Lee, Rick, Corey, Bryan, Brian.

Queens Crew [NYC baby!]
For all those asskicking kids who helped make Dozo years pass by a little quicker (and with much more fun)

Allison (my slut), Crispi, Raph, Danielle, Lisa, Jill, Lisa, Billy, Sam, Mike, Muskrat, Julio-bear, Ben, Lenny, Eric, Roman, Dmitri, Sebastian, Phil and Becky.

#Rave Crew [eFNet l33t]
These big brothers and sisters are people I am eternally grateful for. For all those fun filled sleepless nights of partying!! These people have been such great influences on me, and I don't even think they realize that. They were my first and foremost city crew and I really get sad sometimes when I think of how most of them have grown up and away. But I love them all, and they all have a very special place in my memory.

Everyone in #Rave (efnet) Scott, Josh, Piri, Bev, Steve, Cristian, Dan, Tiff, Joker, Paul, Dan, Kevin, Dave, Heather, Jessie, Elena and the rest of the Internet crew.

Lambda Chi Alpha [PolyBoyz]
I am giving all these cool guys a big shout. They are the better frat at poly, and completely fun to be around. Special hi to Simon, Marco, Kevin, Zhanni, Sam, Steve, (raf of course too). Are you a cute female? C'mon I'll take you to a party, you'll love em. Hehehe. Keep rockin guys.