I just want to say thank you to a few people who made this web site possible.

First I want to say thank you to my parents, for putting me on this earth and instilling the independence and maturity in me that allows me to understand and face the obstacles of adulthood, and helps me put perspective into everything that happens in and around me, for supporting me in the things they approve of and not supporting me in the things they disapprove of, I love you guys.

Thank you to my bosses Ajay and Walter of eRSVP.com, for guiding me along the path I'm paving, giving me insight into the fundamentals of business, being patient with my mistakes, taking the time to be my friends, and most of all, believing in me and my potentialities.

As well as a thanks to Isabel and they rest of SmartGirl Internette for helping me strengthen my wings and prepare me to fly.

Thanks as well to some of my teachers, namely Mr. Ackerman and Mr. Sullivan, for understanding my stresses, and for being themselves and not another "Mr. Man"

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Tony Stone Images for allowing me to use some of their awesome photography to create my own graphics (all photo's I used were altered for my own purposes)

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